Chevrolet celebrated Leap Day with #DayItForward; a social-media campaign that set out to inspire others to give back to others in the community. “Time is such a precious commodity and having an extra day this year presents an amazing opportunity for all of us to do something impactful,” notes Chevrolet's vice president of marketing Paul Edwards. “The Chevy team is going to take those extra hours and put them towards doing unexpected acts of kindness for people – something that we hope others will embrace and repeat.” Whether you spent leap day buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you, or donating your time to an organization in need, the campaign proved that there is no gesture too small or too big when it comes to celebrating others. Let's take a look at the campaign in action.

If you missed out on celebrating Leap Day with Chevrolet, don't fret. There's still an extra 24-hours this year to #DayItForward. How will you spend your extra time?

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